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Louise Briggs has been a professional jewelry designer ever since she received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Boston Museum School in 1977. She has worked for some of the largest firms in the jewelry and giftware industry including Swank, Swarovski Jewelry, Reed & Barton Silversmiths, and the Franklin Mint, and her designs have appeared under the Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Hanae Mori, and Kia-Yin Lo labels. Yet her foremost interest has remained creating her own unique and limited edition designs.

Over the years, Louise has taught jewelry design at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology, the Boston Museum School and the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts. She has been a Visiting Artist at the University of Delaware and the Philadelphia College of Art and has spoken to student and industry groups around the country on topics ranging from titanium and tantalum to women in the arts.

Louise's jewelry was featured in the DeCordova Style show at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts, "Crafts Forms 2002" at the Wayne Art Center in Pennsylvania, Greene & Greene Gallery's "Discoveries 2003," and the annual benefit for the Smithsonian's James Renwick Alliance in 2005. In the past, Mrs. Briggs has been included in numerous prestigious events including a Three-person Invitational Show at the Delaware Art Museum, in Wilmington. She was also the recipient of the Juror's Choice cash award in that museum's 23rd Annual Crafts Exhibit and, for several years, served on the Board of Directors of the Bristol Art Museum in Rhode Island.


I have a lust for beautiful and beautifully made objects and strive to satisfy my passion through design and craftsmanship. Now, after many years of designing for the jewelry and giftware industry, I have returned to my early roots in hand crafted art jewelry.

As a commercial jewelry designer, I carried my designs from development into production. This experience trained my eye to accept nothing less than the best in workmanship, and it forced me to explore the possibilities of so many different techniques--from traditional to cutting edge. But I grew to the point where I became frustrated with expressing someone else's ideas and watching someone else's hands shape the final product. And there were so many things I wanted to say about life...beauty...emotion. The time had clearly come for me to take what I learned with me and strike out on my own.


I have always been passionate about anything I find beautiful -- and I find beauty in so many sources -- nature, food, emotions, places. My process is driven by my artistic intent, using whatever techniques and materials are suitable for each creation.

It is no accident when you find echoes of shapes and structures from nature and food in my designs. I often carry a camera with me. When I travel, I photograph glorious vegetables at the green market...and stunning foods I'm served. As I walk through Cambridge or in an outlying area, I focus my lens on natural objects that fascinate me. I also write in my sketchbook about what I see and the emotional interpretations.

I allow myself to put up only one or two of the photographs at a time and focus on developing just one concept. I am excited about exploring so many concepts that I have to limit myself in this manner.

The collections and one of a kind pieces featured in my online gallery are explorations of my intense feelings about the world around me, old and new jewelry techniques and the possibilities of my materials. Today, it gives me enormous satisfaction to finally have the skills and freedom to visually say what I feel so strongly. It is my pleasure to invite you to share my creations by clicking on "Collections."



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